Biodynamic Primer

Craniosacral Biodynamics is an approach to the teaching and practice of Craniosacral Therapy that acknowledges the deepest foundations of the human system. We, as human beings, are seen to be an expression of the wholeness of life itself and of the vast forces at work in the universe. In this concept, a spiritual essence called the Breath of Life is perceived to generate a subtle tide-like organizing force called primary respiration that, in turn, manifests as a biodynamic potency and organizing force within the human system. Primary respiration is expressed in the body as a series of stable and palpable tidal rhythms. This intrinsic health integrates all cellular and tissue function from the moment of conception until death. It is considered to be the human system’s basic ordering and healing principle and is constantly at work maintaining the best possible balance even in the most desperate circumstances.
The intention of the work is to re-establish the relationship between chaotic mind-body states and the potency of the Breath of Life. The emphasis of the work is to sense how the body is expressing this Health, even in the most acute resistances and pathologies. This idea is seen in Chinese Medicine where jing is the essence within the body whose role is to maintain order, integration and healing processes. It is also seen in Tibetan Medicine where the “wind of the vital forces” is the unconditioned blueprint energy of the human system.

The Teaching of Craniosacral Therapy.

Craniosacral Therapy, as taught in this training course, is based upon this profound biodynamic understanding. Students learn to establish a truly empathetic and negotiated listening field in which the deeper forces and clinical issues within the client’s system can safely emerge. This is also a journey into our own wounding, what keeps us away from intimacy and joy in life, and the nature of our own self-organization. In this context, students learn the art of listening. They first learn to perceive primary respiration and the subtle rhythmic pulsations and motions that it generates. They then learn to orient to the client’s history, which is clearly expressed in the dynamics of the fluids, cells and tissues of the body, and to relate clinically to patterns of trauma, distress and pathology within the context of intrinsic health. In this process, they are taught to encourage the body’s own healing resources and to, within any pattern of dysfunction and distress, facilitate a reconnection to natural biodynamic forces and the stillness from which they arise.

In this work the intention is not to fix or cure anything, but to encourage new levels of order and balance in mind and body. This work is truly an art of listening to the language of the body, sensing and understanding that language, and appropriately responding to the healing intentions of the human system. In this context, the student also learns to facilitate the client’s vitality and constitutional strength by encouraging a fuller expression of the potency of the Breath of Life. Treatment is comprised of a gentle listening touch, which is both diagnostic and therapeutic. Client’s may feel deep relaxation and become aware of alterations in fluid pressures, tissue motions, heat, tingling, feeling-states and energy movement. The client’s awareness of his or her personal process is also an integral part of this work. The work is not only about physical distress, but is an experiential exploration that encompasses our mental processes, feelings, emotions and their physical manifestations.