Course Syllabus

Module One
Relationship, the Neutral and the Breath of Life

The intention of this first module is to create a ground for the rest of the training. The development of awareness, the growing ability to rest in stillness, and relational and perceptual skills are the heart of course work. Interpersonal relational skills are introduced in module one, as are concepts of the nature of being and self. Within this context, students learn to enter a neutral “being” state from which to meet and relate to the client’s system, and from which to establish a safe and empathetic listening field. The nature of empathy within relational contact is discussed and explored. Skills of negotiation of contact and of palpation are introduced. The encouragement of both practitioner and client resources is also explored. The importance and skill of maintaining a wide perceptual field is introduced and the perception of primary respiration and its various tidal manifestations is also introduced. Within this context, a perceptual awareness of the fluid tide is initially emphasized. The role of stillness within the work is also introduced as a fundamental concept, perception and skill within Craniosacral Biodynamics.

Module Two
The Ground of Resource and Motion:
The Holistic Shift, the Mid-tide and Motility

Module Three
The Heart of Healing: the Neutral and the State of Balance

Module Four
Augmentation Skills

Module Five
Birth Process and the Coalescence of Structure

Module Six
Around the Core: The Midline and Vertebral Axis

Module Seven
Introduction to the Central Nervous System and Birthing Impacts further Explored

Module Eight
The Face, Hard Palate and TMJ Dynamics

Module Nine
Connective Tissues, Joints and Viscera

Module Ten
Ignition Processes and Completions