Course Syllabus

Module One
Relationship, the Neutral and the Breath of Life

Module Two
The Ground of Resource and Motion:
The Holistic Shift, the Mid-tide and Motility

Module Three
The Heart of Healing: the Neutral and the State of Balance

The potency of the Breath of Life naturally expresses itself within states of wholeness and equilibrium. This module introduces some of the most important clinical concepts within craniosacral biodynamics: the neutral, the state of balance and the role of stillness. These are explored within the understanding of the inherent treatment plan. Rather than having to resort to the use of analysis or diagnosis to gain information, students are oriented to perceptual processes that directly allow them to observe the arising of healing intentions from within the client’s system. The concept and perceptual experience of natural, automatic shifting fulcrums is explored along with reciprocal tension motion within the tissue field. Students are taught initial processes that help them orient to inertial fulcrums from which an awareness of inertia and inertial issues is developed. From this base, students learn to appreciate the state of balance, a systemic neutral oriented to particular inertial issues in the system. It is within this state that the healing forces of primary respiration can manifest within particular conditions. An introduction to Dynamic Stillness as a ground of emergence for healing processes is also undertaken. Focusing skills are reviewed and their use within a therapeutic context is explored.

Module Four
Augmentation Skills

Module Five
Birth Process and the Coalescence of Structure

Module Six
Around the Core: The Midline and Vertebral Axis

Module Seven
Introduction to the Central Nervous System and Birthing Impacts further Explored

Module Eight
The Face, Hard Palate and TMJ Dynamics

Module Nine
Connective Tissues, Joints and Viscera

Module Ten
Ignition Processes and Completions